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Working with a Personal Stylist can be a very intimate experience for both parties involved. I have been blessed to have met so many unique and incredible individuals on my styling journey, many whom feel now more like friends than simply just clients.

If you need a confidence booster to help you book your first session, please enjoy testimonials from my clients below.


Sheilah Kwambai

Styling by Bridget Hudson is a stylist who would truly understand your unique style and personality!! She has an exceptional talent for creating personalized outfits that perfectly complement your individuality; you can trust that you'll always look and feel your best.
What sets Bridget apart is her ability to listen and understand your preferences while pushing you to explore new styles and trends you may have yet to consider. She has a keen eye for fashion and can help you discover pieces that accentuate your best features and make you feel confident and beautiful.
However, the best part about working with Bridget is [their] warmth and friendliness. She will make the entire styling process fun and enjoyable, and you will leave feeling like you've just spent time with a dear friend.

Styling by Bridget Hudson will cater to anyone looking for a talented, personalised stylist who will bring out the best in you. Please book an appointment today and discover her exceptional talent for styling!

Ps: Bridget takes away the stress of shopping and makes you feel like a VIP every step of the way, and for all you champs lovers, we can all agree that a glass of sparkles can add a little sparkle in your life


Clayton Bennett

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bridget on several occasions to style both my personal and professional attire, and I cannot recommend her services enough. From the moment we began our consultation, I knew I was in good hands.

Bridget’s expertise in men's fashion was immediately evident as she asked insightful questions about my personal style and preferences. She identified the strengths in my existing wardrobe and areas for improvement and provided invaluable advice on how to enhance my overall look.

When shopping for new pieces, Bridget’s eye for detail was impressive. She took the time to ensure that every item of clothing fit me perfectly and complemented my personal style.

Throughout the process, Bridget was attentive and receptive to my feedback. She made necessary adjustments, ensuring that I was completely satisfied with the final results. Thanks to her guidance and expertise, I now feel more confident and stylish than ever before.


Alexander Circosta

Bridget has refined my style by curating pieces and colours which elevate my whole look for both Television and Events.


Rachael Coltrona

Bridget is so enthusiastic, professional and knowledgeable about fashion and styling, I loved my session with her. My wardrobe has never looked more chic and I now can step out of the house being my most confident fashionable self!



Ashish Patel

As someone who doesn’t enjoy shopping; I found Bridget’s service amazing. She has amazing energy, great taste and what would have taken me years to put together; we did in 3 years. Bridget was budget conscious and styled me in what suited me. I’ve had a lot of people comment on how well I present now.


Kate Woolley AKA DJ Wildflower

Working in the entertainment industry as a dj, I have a lot of great performance outfits but I really felt lacking in my personal style. I needed some guidance for a more day to day smart casual looks!
Booking in a personal styling session with Bridget was just the the most empowering experiences. She took the time to understand my needs, came to my house for a wardrobe edit and then took me for a full day of personalised shopping. I thought this was something only movie stars or celebs did but value of what I got out the day was much more reasonable than I expected!
The entire experience was tailored to my brief and budget, we got great investment pieces and a range of affordable options and all of which just mixes and matches beautifully. I get excited looking at my wardrobe and what I’ll wear each day! I already know this will be an annual booking with Bridget and could not recommended highly enough for anyone who opens up their closet and struggles with what to wear.